Summer STEM program

I saw a few posters say they heard but it was attached to others talking about NASS so not sure if they actually were admitted or just confused it with the summer stem/NASS when they were typing
One of my students, a sophomore, was accepted on Monday also. I'm sure more invitation will be forthcoming. Don't be disappointed if you miss receiving an invitation. Based on your current status, you may want to reapply and/or apply to the summer seminar when you are a rising senior. One other way to experience USNA is to attend one of the summer sports camps there. You stay in the dorms, eat in the mess hall, meet middies and work with the coaching staff. I have had a number of students attend sports camps at all of the SAs (except USMMA, which does not have them). All of the students enjoyed their visits and experiences at the camps. Best of luck with your application!
My DS received the email notification on Monday morning. He is currently in 9th grade, and will be participating in USMC Devil Pups at Camp Pendleton this July.

My oldest is a senior and just received an appointment to NAPS. He received a MOC nomination to USNA and also received a NROTC Marine option scholarship with a Tier 3 declared major. He is opting for NAPS - an extra year, but it will only help.
DD received her Summer Stem acceptance letter this morning! She's very excited 😊 Session 3 as a rising junior.
We are still waiting for my DS. Rising Freshman. Session 1. But he didn't complete the app until March 8th. Fingers crossed!
One of my students was just 'switched' to NASS session 3