Summer Training Changes


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Oct 20, 2006
Is it common for summer training assignments such as a surface cruise to change repeatedly a week or two before the embark date, even one of the assignments is on a carrier? Also, what is the liklihood that a cruise would continue into my leave if I had leave scheduled for the next block? If I have problems such as those mentioned, who should I contact. Thanks.
It is very likely. Remember, you are traveling and are being temporarily assigned to a real Navy unit. It is strongly suggested that you keep checking MIDS constantly to be sure of any changes.

From what I gather, you are going to be on a carrier. Lots of stuff on the west coast is being shifted around in the upcoming weeks. If you have been following the news recently, you'll remember that the USS GEORGE WASHINGTON suffered a fire on May 22 and had to pull into San Diego for repairs. She was on her way to Pearl Harbor to turn over with the USS KITTY HAWK. KITTY HAWK was on her way back to the US for decommissioning. As a result of the fire, her "farewell" deployment has been extended and she'll be representing the US at the annual RIMPAC exercises instead of the GW. Because of this, lots of units (including aviation, logistic, and other ships) are having their schedules changed around. The PRODEV office at USNA is probably having a scheduling nightmare.

However, PRODEV is pretty good on keeping your training within the allot training block. If you have any major problems, contact them. Keep in mind that you are only one of three thousand midshipmen that are on summer training.