Summer Training


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Mar 15, 2013
HI All,
DS will be a Firstie at USNA and one of his sisters is now in the process of applying to USNA and USCGA. I have tons of info on summer training for USNA, but none for USCGA.... would love to hear about summer training for USCGA!

Swab Summer - is swab summer. It includes a week on Eagle.
3rd Class Summer - two phases, 5 weeks aboard Eagle, 5-6 weeks assigned to a station or cutter. Responsibilities of a junior enlisted.
2nd Class Summer - mostly at CGA, ~2 weeks in Coastal Sail, T-boat training, cadre, CATP. Lots of cadets think this was their best summer
1st Class Summer - either 11 weeks assigned to a cutter as a JO, or half on a cutter and half at an internship.

That's it in a nutshell. Check out the cadet blogs on the CGA website to get a feel for what they experienced.
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