Summer Transition Program (STP) @ VMI


Apr 14, 2017
If I get the awesome opportunity to attend VMI, is it recommended to attend the STP???
If you can afford it it is a great opportunity to learn the layout of post, break in your boots and low quarters and get a class out of the way before the Ratline.

My cadet did not do STP for several reasons but I know many who highly recommend it.
Can confirm, at STP right now and it is a blast!!! Boots and lows are a real pain to break in, but once they are it is a dream. Also getting a chance to meet BRs while you have the time before ratline is a huge plus.
I'm also at STP and having a great time. You're able to take a class and get three credits knocked out of the way which will really help fall semester of rat year. I personally like the pt and activities we're doing. We have pt three times a week and it helps get you used to what hills you'll be running and what the VFT is like. A blackotter said, it's a really great way to start connecting with your BR's so if you have the opportunity to come to STP I would definitely take advantage of it.
DS did STP with great impact. He took Calculus and was able to focus on that course and do exceedingly well and reduce the credit hour load during the first semester.