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    I am looking for any and all advice/information/ etc. about SUNY Maritime as I would like to seriously consider it one of the schools I would like to attend. I received a decent aid package and am a contender for the NROTC scholarship at this school, and realized that I do not know enough about it.

    Is the regiment lifestyle similar to a "traditional" service academy (USNA/USMA/USAFA)?
    What does that mean per the requirements (PFA, courses, watch, etc.)?
    What about uniforms, everyday or only certain ones?
    Activities and extracurriculars?
    Participating in the regiment and what that means in term of service out of school, is it just Coast Guard or are there other options?

    I am not looking for anything specific, just want to make sure I am making the correct decision for myself and my future as I would like to serve the county yet want to make sure the Engineering degree I receive will be respected in the real world as compared to WPI or RPI.

    Thank you for your help!
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    Check your PM's!
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