SUNY Maritime Vaccine mandate


Nov 16, 2021
All SUNY schools still have a covid vaccine mandate. USMMA just dropped it as did DOD. Anybody have any insight as to what SUNY is doing? Son is accepted to SUNY Maritime and waitlisted for KP, wasn't expecting to have to get vaccinated at this point for a healthy teenage boy.
Part of SUNY press release

April 11, 2023

Continues to Encourage Students, Faculty, and Staff to Stay Current on Vaccine Boosters

SUNY’s Updated Guidance, Effective for Summer Courses, Available

Albany, NY – State University of New York Chancellor John B. King, Jr. today announced that a COVID-19 vaccine will no longer be mandated for students to attend SUNY’s 64 campuses, effective for summer courses, which coincides with the official end of the national public health emergency by President Biden’s administration yesterday.