Super Sat!


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Sep 12, 2006
Hey did anyone get an invitation to the Super Sat Open House At CGA? I went last year. If you get a chance deff do it! It was A Great Experience. If anyone has questions about it let me know!
Super Sat

Heres a copy of the email...

Based on your interest in the U. S. Coast Guard Academy, I would like to personally invite you and your parents to attend a special event. Super Saturday is a day-long program where you will meet Cadets, the Admissions staff, and faculty members, with one goal...seeing if our unique blend of academic excellence and leadership development is right for you.
Since Super Saturday is designed with the interest of students like you in mind. You will have interaction with Cadets who will share an insiders view of Cadet life. You will also eat in the wardroom, take part in an engineering workshop, tour the campus & residence hall, and see what Cadets do for fun & adventure! High school juniors will also get a chance to learn more about our summer Academy Introduction Mission program. Let your day here help you and your parents shape your college decision.
Hi, No I'm not going as much as I would love to but i've been to one so no point in doing another and since I havnt hear anything from them theirs not point.