Sure is quiet around here...


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Mar 27, 2008
I remember this from last year. It's quiet on the message board and folks are getting on with life and trying not to stress. I do so well for a few days, and them Whamo! I am spending wayyy too much time wondering A) If the mail will ever get here today B) Where is that darn mail man? and 3) Am I totally losing it? Ha, lame attempt at humor is a sure sign of impending insanity. Son is still doing just fine, thank you very much. Darn kid doesn't realize how hard it will be on mom if (when?) he leaves. :rolleyes:

Hope the rest of you are hanging in there as well.

Enjoy the weekend!

You not alone in the "waiting is agony". At lease we get updates on the USCGA swim team results.....How cold is it in New London right now? What are the Cadets involved in? Are they in the middle of writing papers, conducting research, PE drills from the Cadre? What's life like for a Cadet in February?:rolleyes:
haha the Dark Ages of the psat... right? haha 180 seconds always pops in my head wen i hear that lol
Oh yes "180 Seconds", but that winter period at CGA is also called the "Dark Ages"...a depressing time of the year. Good 180 Sec. reference though! :thumb:
As a swab the Batt. Commander will tell people to leave at will from the meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner). When he gives that order, swabs will sit for three minutes and then ALL yell...

"Sir, 180 seconds have fleetingly flit into the dark ages of the past since the cadet in command gave abandon at random, may I please be excused sir?!"

To which the senior cadet at the table will either allow them to leave or keep them there (usually to "counsel" them).

Still remember it 7 years later.
i think it was in unison. after the 3 min mark, the ward room was LOUD. If we AIMsters were as loaud as the Swabs we had to do it over and over untill my cadre thought it was good enough lol fun time s ha
Exactly, if your table has trouble doing it all at once, your cadre may make you do it over again.