Swab summer and parents weekend?


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Sep 12, 2006
I'm sure this info is somewhere on the forum, but I'm too lazy to go look for it. :smile: Trying to plan vacation for the year and hotel ressies.

At the end of swab summer, does family get to visit with swabs before the academic year starts? Are they allowed to leave the grounds?
It looks like parents weekend is about the end of Sept? How much liberty/leave do the 4/c get then?
For parents weekend you can attend classes on Friday with your swab (lots of parents are there). Make sure you come a little earlier than when classes start and you can watch the drill in the morning. They will be able to leave and spend part of the weekend with you at the hotel. They may have to come back early one morning and are expected to be at the football game (and you too) that weekend.
If I had to choose between parents weekend and Mystic Flag, definitely go with parents weekend. You will have more time with your swab.