Swab Summer Company Assignments


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May 20, 2007
Hey everyone. Some people on facebook posted instructions on how to get your Swab Summer assignment this morning, so I figured I'd repost them here.

I'm in echo

Login at cga.edu. Go into your personalized page, click "Downloads" and there's a link to a PDF of our entire class' assignments and mailbox numbers. It's arranged by our cadet ID number though, not our names. You can find it on your R-day parking pass. It's 5 digits.
Once they are assigned a company as swabs does it stay the same the whole four yrs at the Academy?

The way it used to be, and this has changed, swabs were divided into three companies during Swab Summer, X-ray, Yankee, and Zulu (X,Y, and Z). Within those companies the swabs were broken into platoons (1 through 3) and within those platoons swabs were broken into squads (1 through 3 and a training squad). In the last week of Swab Summer swabs were notified of their 4/c year company assignments. After 4/c year you were given your "real" company assignments. Some companies focused on specific things, like the color guard or flags, so a 4/c could request to be assigned to that company (had to be for a good reason, and even with a good reason it didn't mean it would be done).

Example, I was in Yankee Company as a swab, Y-1, squad 1 to be exact. After that I was assigned to Charlie Co. After a "no-so-fun" year with the Charlie Co. Cobras I was assiged to Bravo Co. It is in that final assignment that you will grow closest with those Company mates.

Now, as I understand it, some of that has changed. What I'm going to say now is from what I heard described from a 3/c assigned to my cutter earlier this summer. It had been discussed in the past, and actually makes sense.

I believe now the Swab Summer battalion is divided into eight companies, Alfa-Hotel. The cadre of each of these companies are actually in those companies, and the swabs in each company will be headed to those companies their 4/c year. As I remember it, the change was meant to correct a poor example be set by cadre. During the summer they were "hard-core" but many changed during the school year and seriously slacked off. It was thought that this might "keep them honest" because they knew their swabs would be watching them, and learning from them, and therefore they needed to set a good example. I don't know if that thought became reality. I believe they still switch companies after that first year though, giving them a fresh start and allowing them to creating a working relationship with the class above and below them.
And just another little tip. These sites are not off limit to cadre.

My 2/c summer as Swab Summer cadre, we happened upon a website with a good deal of postings from our future swabs. Things like "I'll show them" or "I can't wait to play the game, it shouldn't be too bad." did not get them very far when the rubber hit the road that summer, especially as each posting had a very real name attached to it.

We actually made a habit of checking the site to see it there was any "trash talk"...

Some Echo cadre could be lurking! :wink: :eek:
What day is R-day? I know someone already posted it somewhere, maybe I'll be in the area...probably not though. I always wanted to watch from the other side (not as a swab or cadre).
R-day is next Monday, June 30th. Reporting in begins at 0700 I believe. Sometimes I regret not using a real pseudonym but it's not like it would be that hard to figure out who I was once I got there after 15 minutes of searching through all of my posts. I just try and avoid saying stupid things... hopefully I've done an alright job of it so far.
Zach you have done a great job posting here and the "other" site...I doubt if you have anything to be concerned about(in that regard...ha ha). Anyway I have a good feeling about your future with the CGA...good luck!

I agree, Zach you have done an excellent job not saying stupid things. :thumb:
Zach, you're a true professional and gentleman. Class act, you'll do very well with the Coast Guard! All the best to you and good luck next week.