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    What type of things go on during swab summer? Marches?
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    Henry, if that's your name, I would recommend using a different name. Cadre do see SAF.

    On June 30, 2002, my mom and dad, with the wonderful idea to check out CGA the evening before my R-Day, drove straight down Bear Drive.... stopping next to a group of cadets in red shirts. The back of the shirts, in big white letters, said "CADRE"..... and I felt sick as they looked at the car.

    I didn't want the cadre to know me (eventually they did). Using a different name will allow you to ask questions without future cadre saying "When's the Henry Duler coming here?"

    As to your question.... Swab Summer will train you to be a 4/c cadet. You'll learn everything you need to know (that you don't already know). You'll learn "spewage" or phrases and words you'll frequently use. They'll teach you words. They'll teach you where to walk and how to walk. They'll teach you where and how to eat. They'll teach you how to dress. They'll teach you about the military, about the Coast Guard, about the Coast Guard Academy. You'll learn about where the Coast Guard has been and where it's going. You'll run. You'll puke (or see others puke). You may cry (I did). I'll be sad ans angry and happy and sad again. You will push yourself to the breaking point and realize you're real breaking point takes more to reach. You'll find that you can only succeed with the help of others and they can only succeed with your help. You'll learn about honor. You will have some low lows and some nice highs, and you'll share all of it with your classmates.

    And you'll learn about marching.
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