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    Would anyone on this form who has been through Swab Summer like to share their experience or give us incoming Swabs some words of wisdom before we embark on our journey? What was the hardest part of the summer and do you have any tips on how to make the summer more "enjoyable"?
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    Just remember, the summer won't be enjoyable.

    You'll hear "it's just a game" and "don't take it personally." That's easier said than done. First, it's not just a game. If you screw this up it COULD affect your future. But screw it up, I mean do all you can to fail. And you will fail, so be prepared for it. With each failure you'll learn and grow, and you'll get better. You'll have to do more than you think you can, you'll be pushed further than you think you can go. Don't worry, every swab has been there.

    You will not finish Swab Summer without the help of your classmates. Remember to help others around you who may be struggling.

    Your cadre will challenge you. They want to you improve.

    Enjoy your time now. Get use to working out in the heat. But please, enjoy your time off now because the summer will be no fun.

    And remember, every CGA graduate has been challenged in Swab Summer, they were where you will be, and they struggled like you will. Just keep your head up, do what your cadre tell you to do and do a good job.

    Good luck!

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