Swimming requirements???


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Feb 25, 2008
How much swimming do you have to do to graduate from the Academy? It's not that I'm afraid or can't swim, I'm just not a really strong swimmer. At think at USNA they have to do a 10M jump to simulate jumping from a ship, CGA too? Also, do you have to do the 1000M in 40 minutes or whatever?
There's a "cross and cover" jump from a platform in Billard. There is also a swim, although I can't remember how far it was. Actually I enjoyed the swimming class, we had some good times.

For those who were not strong swimmers, there was a remedial class.

There are two pools at CGA. Good time.

Now in the future, after the Academy, there are two times as an officer you would want to get wet....on a D7 patrol during swim call, or if you're a dive officer....other than that, if you're wet it's because there is a serious problem with your ship/aircraft.

Someone who's there now can tell you the distance and time, but my advice (as is the advice of the instructors), do not jump up before you "cross and cover", because it is very easy to hit your head on the ceiling (overhead).
as long as you arent at risk to drown you should be fine 4/c year. 3/c year you take professional rescuer where you have to swim 500m in something like 10 min and i assume you also have to be able to drag someone out of the water.

other than that, like Line said if you are ever in the water for something other than swim call there's something wrong
My advice is do what my son did...he too wasn't a "great" swimmer, no Phelps, but he joined the local Y and took some lessons and swam in the months leading up to R-day. Like the others said, it's not a tough swimming regimen, but after all, IT'S THE COAST GUARD! :biggrin: Good luck.
during swab summer we had a survival at sea class... it was really cool and even our weakest swimmers did fine so don't worry. they know there are kids that haven't ever been in a pool before so don't stress.
hey, I'm back as well here...

just be able to swim 100 meters (and it would be good to know at least 3 different types of strokes) and tread water for 5 minutes

they will teach you the rest... not going to lie though... survival at sea was some of the greatest times during swab summer......
just wait till you get here, you will enjoy it... (some days at least)