Switching scholarships


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Dec 14, 2008
My son accepted an AROTC scholarship in October ('08). He just got notified he received an NROTC Marine Option scholarship last week. I know a person can now decline the AROTC and accept the NROTC-Marine Option. My son has calls in to his school to see how to go about the process-declining one he has already accepted and accepting the one he just received-I know this can be done. My question is, does anyone know how this will work exactly or has anyone ever done this on this forum? I'm sure it is a common thing and is done all the time, I was just wondering should we expect any issues in the process.

Can't speak about AROTC, but NROTC contract states there is no obligation
and AFROTC states Scholarship is not valid until activated at the ROTC Unit at your university.
Your son should decline the AROTC scholarship through Cadet Command and also notify the battalion.
He simply accepts the NROTC-MC scholarship by submitting the proper paperwork.
He should not expect any issues.