Taking Calc based Physics at Community College?

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by futureplebe, Feb 28, 2011.

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    would this fulfill my requirement for 2 semester worth of calculus based physics? (I know I'd have to take two classes.)

    I would like to do this for a couple of different reasons.

    If I get the scholarship (No, I have not received the scholarship yet. However, my local CC sent out a mailing, saying to register soon to reserve a spot in summer classes, so I'd like to at least have a spot), I would be a Tier 3, social science/business major.

    In High School...I am pretty bad at science. I can sometimes squeeze out an A, but I generally fall in the A-/B+ range, with a lot of effort and studying.
    I am technically taking calculus based AP Physics C E&M, but I don't think I will score much higher than a 2, if that on the AP exam. We don't exactly follow an AP curriculum, and with my limited proficiency in science, self-studying has been a nightmare.

    So, in college, I was looking forward to not taking science, or if I had to take a gen ed science, I just take rock studies with the football players or something.
    But then I read that NROTC makes you take 2 semesters of calc based physics...fun!

    So, I'd like to take the class over the summer because it would make things a little bit easier, not having to balance college life, NROTC, and taking physics. This way, over the summer, taking one hard class would be easier to manage because I could hopefully work my butt off for at least a B.
    And taking it at the CC would also protect my GPA because it would only count towards my GPA at the CC, not at my NROTC school.

    But would the Navy count taking a class at a local CC as a semester worth of calc-based physics?

    I hope they do, but like I said, I have not received a scholarship yet so this might be a moot point.


    Edit: Oh and I'm in AB Calc now, so hopefully the calc part won't be too bad. It's just applying the calc to physics that worries me.
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    You don't apply very much calculus to it at the beginning calc based physics classes. If you know how to take an integral or derivative you are golden.
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    You should contact the school you're attending to make sure that they will actually accept the credits, and then contact the Navy there and see if it satisfies the requirement.

    If you can, try to get it out of the way during the summer like you're planning. You'll want that to be the least of your worries in ROTC.
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    The advice to check with the school is golden. However, we have personal experience that top tier engineeing schools like Illinois and Georgia Tech will take Calc based Physics from COmmunity colleges. So check first with your school, However be aware that most calc based physics require that you have completed Calc 1 before enrolling in Physics. Check your CC for this requirement, perhaps you have AP Calc Credit or can test out.

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