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    The father of the Army's Air Land Battle Doctrine: Gen Donn Starry died yesterday at 86. Gen Starry was one of the principle officers who contributed so much to the intellectual and ethical rebuilding of the US Army after Vietnam. His brainchild: Airland Battle was really the first doctrinal effort to see the battlefield as a 3 dimensional, dynamic setting and was the foundation for how the Army planned to fight and win in a defense of Europe (thankfully never executed!), and was the basis for how the Army was employed in the first Gulf War. Virtually every graduate of CGSC can still tell you about the 4 tenets of battle (Initiative, Depth, Agility and Synchronization). The Army was a far better place for Gen Starry's efforts and insights- more thoughtful, more professional and more prepared to function in the dynamic, and unclear world of the battlefield of the late 20th and early 21st century.
    RIP Gen Starry


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