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    Currently I'm finishing the vaccination requirements for USAFA. I do have one question though I had a PPD skin test done several years ago and turned out to be negative (very close to positive but a mm off). And from my understanding we're not suppose to receive another one to prevent the TB from becoming active? Well the nurse/physician still tested me (still awaiting results) to comply with USAFA's requirement for a TB test to be done within their time frame.

    I'm wondering if this is ok? Or does anyone have any experience in this situation?
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    TB TESTimonial

    This is a little late and I am sure you have already figured your situation out and moved on to Basic. However, I thought I would pass on my DS's TB test experience for others that may come across this thread:

    We were very surprised when DS tested definitely POSITIVE to the TB skin test, which is a DQ. Not only that, but the standard recommendation after a positive test was a 9-month treatment that is hard on your liver.

    However, testing positive does not necessarily mean you really do have TB. It could be a false positive due to various reasons including a benign non-tuberculosis mycobacteria. Larry Mullen was very very helpful and let us know that DODMERB now accepts the QuantiFERON®-TB Gold Test to prove no TB. It is a more expensive test but more accurate. With the help of our doc, we tracked down the test and documented the results as well as a clear chest X-Ray and sent to DODMERB, and they lifted the DQ.

    So...now he can never take the skin test again, as it will always come out positive, presumably because of some other mycobacteria (there is one common in our part of the country that you can pick up from camping!). He will need to have a chest Xray if screened in the future.

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