TBAS question

wpitts . . . Try this:

The Key to doing these is to remember that "A" is always the direction you are traveling.

The cardinal directions [N . . S . . E . . W] do NOT rotate while the ABCD do.

A is always your direction of travel (where the red line arrow is pointing).

Draw out the A B C D on a piece of paper. Rotate this to your direction of travel and your answers will be in relation to this diagram.

Hope this helps!
Just took the TBAS this week and did very well. Here's the method I use.
First: look at the map and find what direction you're pointing.
Second: imagine that direction of travel on the compass.
Third: determine where the car park you're looking for is Relative to your direction of travel. For example in the card where you are heading south-west and it asks for North, you can see that on the compass, North is "to the right and to the rear" of S-W. I think of it as the "back right quadrant". Then look at the car parks and voila...the back right quadrant is B, which is the correct answer.

Sorry that was typed out really quickly before I head to class. Shoot me a message or something if you would like me to further explain it. Just takes practice with your own method.