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    I already completed my application for USAFA back in early January. Knowing the deadline to turn in everything was Jan 31, I was wondering if my JROTC instructor could still send in a letter of rec update. My JROTC instructor wrote a letter of rec for me back in September and I sent that letter to USAFA Admissions. I am the Cadet Wing Commander of my JROTC unit and over the past few months, we have won first place in a parade and passed the AFJROTC Headquarters inspection with "exceeds standards" which is the highest level a JROTC unit could achieve, we are now a Distinguished Unit with Merit. I led my unit in the parade and also played a major role in the inspection, my instructor wants to highlight these things in the letter and also wants to have the principal of my school sign the letter too. Is it still possible to send in letter of recs to USAFA? Thank you!
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    I just did something along the lines of that last week, sending the academy my updates for the past month. I believe they will take a look at it still. At least that is what my AC made it sound like.

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