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    Quick question about teacher recommendations. I applied last year, but I did not receive a nomination for West Point, but 3 for USNA (logically, you'd think they communicate better). I will be reapplying this year, however, I am not sure who I am supposed to get a LOR from, college professors or is high school teachers okay? My only problem is college professors have bigger classes and probably won't write as personal of a LOR as my high school teachers. I'm okay for math because my trig teacher wrote it last year, and I will have my Calc teacher write it this year. However, my English teacher junior year for AP Lang was the same for AP Lit. What should I do? Could I do my government teacher from my senior year, or just take the risk of a college professor?

    FYI, my MALO does not communicate very well and has not contacted me back despite several emails and calls.
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    I believe my DD was required to get LOR from her college professors. Yes, classes are bigger, but she sat in the front row, made a point to introduce herself early in the semester, participated in class, and informed them mid semester that she would be needing a letter in the future. DD had been struggling with her calculus 2 class and made regular visits to the instructor/tutor for assistance which allowed the instructor to identify her persistence and determination to improve her grade.
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