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    I understand that SWA does not charge change or cancellation fees but you do pay the difference in cost from the original flight to the new one. What I'm wondering is if changing your flight within days of departure makes for a significantly higher price.

    If we book one of those Wanna Get Away fares, it's relatively low priced. As we get closer to the flight, we realize it needs to be changed. How often do you find that you are having to spend significantly more for the new flight since it's so close to that date? We fly out of Dallas/Love Field which is a major hub, I think.

    Does being a Mid have any bearing on all this?

    Thanks for any info!
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    Yes, it likely will be significantly higher. If you booked a wanna get away fare for say $100 and then tried to change it a couple days before the flight, SW will likely not have any more wanna get away fares and you'd have to pay the regular fare, which could be $300+ if the flight is close to full. SW won't charge you a change fee like other airlines, which I think is $75 with some carriers, but you will have to pay the fare difference and the closer you get to your travel date, the higher the fare will likely be.
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    What is it you're asking? Are you able to get around fee differences being a mid, or are you more likely to have to change your flight if you're a mid? First one, no it won't make a difference. Second one, maybe in some circumstances but not always. If you're asking whether you should bother buying early with Southwest, I'd say do it. Best case, you get a cheap flight because you booked early. Worst case, you have to change it last minute and pay a lot more. But even if you do have to change it last minute to a higher fare, you're still paying the same amount that you would if you waited until the last minute.
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    We have always found SWA to be very helpful in near miss/fluid situations - call as early as possible. Yes, telling them you have a MID does make a difference, sometimes I think this is more of who you're talking with, and BWI airport is a very friendly atmosphere as well. Also, once they get their DoD CAC ID card, go ahead and sign up for TSA pre-screening. Believe me, it saves time at busy airports with squeezed schedules. I have found SWA to be very military friendly in every situation, including my own time in uniform. Although my wife is usually the phone guru with SWA, you can PM me with any specific concerns. And, get their credit card for points, we usually have a flight or two/year free. And, watch prices at DCA/Reagan, sometimes, it's cheaper!
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    SWA has been our carrier of choice flying nonstop from LAX to BWI - we've flown other carriers but SWA's service seems to align best with our schedule whenever we fly back to visit. DS has had to change his arrival/departure a couple of times due to his schedule- the cost was zero to about $40-$60. When he returned to USNA after plebe year Christmas break he checked in at the counter. We arrived 2 hours early and he was in uniform and the attendant asked if we wanted to sit with him at the gate before his plane left. We weren't aware of that perk and took advantage of it.
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