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    I just received my new SAT scores from the rescheduled test on February 20th. I was finally able to achieve a qualifying math score of 610. This isn't huge- but it is definitely an improvement from my previous score of 550. The rest of my scores are W 590, M 610, and CR 570. My critical reading score is 10 points shy of the minimum- however, I have a 32 for my ACT Critical Reading. My ACT scores are 26 E, 23 M, 32 CR, 27 SR. My GPA is a 4.054 & class rank 39/263. Do they combine tests? My math score is not qualifying for my ACT, but it is qualifying for my SAT. I know my scores are not as competitive as they need to be, but I am hoping for the best.
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    They Do Not Mix ACT & SAT.

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