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Jun 9, 2006
haha, I thought I'd make a light hearted post about some stats the Head ALO in my area told me. Apparently, 1/5 cadets at USAFA are from TX, yes, ONE IN FIVE. That seems way out there, but I guess it works.

Second, the Southeast TX area (Houston and Gulf Coast area) has the largest Parent's club and most cadets for a region --1/25 cadets are from SE Texas!

The son (graduate 2004) of the head of our orientation said that the Texans stick close and have some "extra" fun. No idea what that means, but we can find out!

I love hearing stories, really calms the nerves.
It did seem like there were a lot of Californians and Texans at Summer Sem. Last year, I took a look at where all the cadets were from (map at the visitors' center). There were a lot from TX, CA, CO, and IL.

I got a shock when I met a girl from my town at SS! (...rival school, too)