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    My DS received a 4yr type 1 AFROTC scholarship back in February 2018. After getting his physical in March he was automatically DQ'd for having 2 ACL surgeries. (Separate ACL surgeries for 2 separate football contact injuries, one his junior year, one his senior year). He rehabbed them, got released from his surgeon in June to resume all physical and normal activities without restrictions. (last surgery was September 2017). We passed all requirements, negative Lachmans test, surpassed all flexibility range guidelines,etc, runs/workouts each day.. submitted all remedials in June, and then started the waiting game.
    June, July came and went,...then we had to start making plans for his college move in (going to an SEC school that is out of state for us).
    Got moved in, started classes, started ROTC, kept running every day, and still kept waiting..
    Finally his waiver was granted this week.

    I share this because the posting of many of you who have advised everyone to just be patient with the process and not to jump to conclusions on what might happen with the waiver process..because each situation is different, help us keep our sanity, (especially when the website when down for 6 weeks).

    I share the DQ status on the re-occurant ACL surgeries being waiver approved since i could not find any posts on whether someone got the waiver. So for future parents who might have a DS or DD go through this, it is possible.
    Again, thank to the many of you who post regularly for the advise/help that you share with everyone going through the process. Well done.
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    That's the best second post I have ever seen someone put on the forum.
    Full of information and motivational to boot.

    Bravo Zulu @jrb5 !
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    Please stick around and continue to be part of our community. By sharing yours and your DS's knowledge and experiences, you are paying it forward.

    Best wishes to you and your DS.
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