Thanks to Mohawk, Clarkson, moderators, and others and Mr. Mullen.

Feb 9, 2018
Thanks to the regular posters Mohawk, Clarkson, moderators, and others and Mr. Mullen.

Your advice and regular postings have been key to navigating and understanding the process.

Personal advice to others that may someday read this (Both for future cadets and parents)

1. Don’t assume you understand the process. Even if you did at one time it can and likely did change.

2. This is a marathon not a sprint. Start early and read everything. There is almost always a solution.

3. Many people will gladly help you if you ask, but you had better have done your homework first.

You as future cadet may need guidance to get through the process. As a parent the best thing you can do is teach them were to find the information and how to solve problems. (Mr. Mullen has great write up on the DodMERB site that is quite helpful). Almost all the answers faq’s on the process or stats can be found by searching prior postings by Mohawk or Clarkson.

The best advice I can give as a proud parent is to use this process as a means to teach a future officer how to succeed.

Parent of a winner.
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As you have learned so much from this forum (as have I), I would take this opportunity to encourage you to "pay it forward" and share your experience as a parent with other lurkers on this forum. Answer a question here and there and you will make a difference.

I made that decision, and 3,000 posts later, I still can't stop. :confused:
I second what has been said. Without this forum, I do not know if I would have been as successful.
I also agree; having the support and advice of others on this forum has been and still is very helpful to me - shout out to AROTC-dad!
yes.. thank you.

And now I have a West Pointer who has gone through Academy and is a 2nd LT and now I have an ROTC winner so I guess I'll have some things to share .