Thanksgiving at USNA

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    Does Bancroft remain opened during Thanksgiving? I'm just curious how they would manage Mid's schedules.
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    Any mids remaining at USNA are taken care of. Sponsor families take in extras, "local mids" take non-travelers home, we have had international mids at the house (always fun) plus our own assigned sponsor mids and adoptees, the officers on the Yard host any stray mids at meals. I recall one Dant who had all the restricted mids at his quarters for Thanksgiving.
    It all gets worked out. I don't know if King Hall (dining hall inside Bancroft) officially serves any meals or which ones during Thanksgiving break. I think they may because of athletes who might have events.

    As far as rooms being available, again, it all gets worked out somehow if a mid has no place to go or stay.

    Wednesday class schedule starts very early to get all periods done by midday, and the Yard starts emptying not long after.
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    They will be well taken care of. Restricted during Christmas and some of the Utube videos they made were very funny. Playing Carols around the piano and decorating trees.

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