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    Yesterday DS 2015 got to come home for his first visit. I am not the most stoic of Moms so I was a little giddy and whimpery ( i guess not really a word but describes it best) while waiting for him to walk down the concourse clad in his gorgeous dark uniform carrying his cover. When he greeted my mom and I we did the compulsory welcome home hugs and pictures A women who also had tears in her eyes offered to take a picture of us three together. It turned out to be the best picture of the event. In my own world of joy I wasn't really paying attention to what she had said to my mom as we were leaving. Then she thanked DS for his service. He was very gracious and we moved on.

    What didn't register with me immediately was she said she was waiting for her own daughter to return from Afghanistan! What the hell is wrong with me? When I realized that I should have turned around, went back and waited with her to witness she and her daughters reunion. I should have taken their picture for them and thanked her for service!
    So why am I on the forum while DS is home,,,,,,,he is still sleeping! Don't they sleep there? He slept all afternoon yesterday as well!
    I have often rolled my eyes and muttered when I have heard SA parents complain our kids don't get the active duty benefits on things like airline tickets ( knowing full well of the perks that always seem to occur when they are in uniform). I know, I know, I will be the one *****ing up a storm when I am paying for international travel on a credit card next year for some stupid reason!
    Anyway my point is I think I was loving the attention my son gets in his uniform when really at this point in time we are the ones who are grateful he has a chance to wear it. In the future he may decide to serve our country in a way
    where that gratitude form others is worthy. However now as a student with the opportunity of this fine education ( Econ aside) , the campus he has the absolute pleasure to live on ( my other sons dorm at IU doesn't quite have the same waterfront sunset views over Manhattan if you squint real hard), and curriculum and subject matter that offer a stellar career along with world travel while still a student mostly on the taxpayers dime?

    Oh no, America Thank You!
    I just missed an opportunity to truly thank one who deserves it today. I won't let that opportunity pass by again. :redface:
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    Good perspective

    Lynpar, I know you are a very excited Mom to have your plebe attending KP. I can tell that by the 380 comments you have put on the Service Academy Forums and your son has only been at KP since July!! But it just shows a very enthusiastic and proud Mom, and rightly so. Your son is achieving something very special and Mom should be there cheering him on (as long as you don't embarrass him by your enthusiasm).

    It was an interesting insight you had of realizing that there was something more important than your son arriving home for Thanksgiving, and that is the men and women, sacrificing so much for this country. Though, having your son home for the first time since July is a big deal and I am glad you are excited.

    I hope that your son has a wonderful experience in his four years at KP. It can do a great deal in helping them to grow up and to mature. My husband said that KP changed him because it taught him discipline. What a great place to attend. My son loved every minute of it and I think he will too.
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    LynPar enjoy watching him sleep. That is what my son did when he came home, then when he woke he bonded with the relined chair, remote and TV. When he was home this September for the holidays we went to a service (he and a friend were in uniform) and they were approached by many people thanking them. I realized then (like you) how it made them and me feel. I too now say thank you whenever I can. It still makes me smile when people from our town say how handsome the men in uniform looked. I am having a hard time realizing that my DS and friends are really men in uniform.
    Enjoy every second of your visit even if you need to stand over his bed and watch him sleep.

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