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Aug 4, 2008
does anyone know what scores/categories that the academies look at more importantly than the other scores? i read somewhere on this forum that they look at math as a biggie, but i was wondering if there was other scores they also want you to get. i realize that you should shoot for upper 20's and low to mid 30's in each category. i'm fine for math, reading, and science, but english i'm not too hot in. hopefully english isn't something they impact when they look at the candidate...thanks for anyone's help. :thumb:
english isn't too important here. if you get around a 27-29 you will be fine, especially if all your other scores are a lot higher and in the 30's. math and science are really important, and reading because that's all you do here!
everything else is in the upper 30's except for science-high twenty's. thanks for your help!! :biggrin:
Everything I've read/heard is that math and English are to two that are important.
I have gotten this impression too. I know USAFA looks at all sub-scores but I know USNA only takes into account English and Math. Hope this helps.

Remember, they superscore. So your composite does not matter. Your best in each subcategory is taken for each test you take.
Higher in Math and lower in english is FAR better than the opposite.
What if I do have a lower Math score than my English score, but that doesn't accurately reflect who I am outside of a test setting. I have been taking honors Math courses since Freshman year and this year I am taking Calculus through the IB program at my school. (I have gotten all A's in these classes except for one B last year)
Think of the Academy situation. They have people from all 50 states and more territories. Everywhere has a slightly different curriculum, difficulty, etc. But what is the same for everyone? SAT. ACT. It is a standard they can use to look at EVERYONE as a whole. Sure they will consider your specific situation, but they also stack you up to everyone else in the country applying and the SAT/ACT is the best way for them to do that.