The changing face of the Corps of Cadets

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    This is an interesting article from the Austin American Statesman. There are multiple cadets features, and a link to around 52 pictures of the Corps at Texas A&M. The story highlights the changes the Corps, Texas A&M, and society in general are undergoing.

    From the story:
    " ... This year’s enrollment of 2,520 cadets — 5.4 percent of the university’s undergraduate population — marks the highest since 1970. About 68 percent are white, 21 percent are Hispanic, 3 percent are Asian and 2 percent are black. Fifteen percent are women.

    The ranks include people from 16 different countries. Muslim cadets unroll prayer mats in their dorm rooms. A female cadet from Saudi Arabia wears a head scarf with her uniform. Military veterans, married students and openly gay students all make up today’s Corps.

    Corps numbers
    Average enrollment in the Corps of Cadets, by decade:

    1876: 106*
    1930s: 3,259
    1945-49: 2,939
    1950s: 4,124
    1960s: 3,313
    1970s: 2,237
    1980s: 2,177
    1990s: 2,029
    2000s: 1,922
    2015: 2,520

    *Actual enrollment for the first year ..." Id.
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