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    Hey All,

    So here's my situation, I just want to see what those of you with more experience with the USMA, and how they operate, think.

    So, I'm an enlisted soldier, I'm applying for graduating class of 2015, and I finished my application around early February (6/7) with 3 nominations (Congressional, Presidential and Commander's Endorsement).

    I hadn't heard anything from the Academy until the other day (last Tuesday) I gave my admissions representative a call.

    She informed me that I've been qualified for direct admission to the academy, but was waiting on a spot to open up.

    I guess this is good news, with a little bad news. What do you guys think:

    -What are the chances of enough people declining, for a spot to open up for a soldier? (I'm guessing it's still pretty early, r day isnt until 2july)

    -If a spot does open up, how will I be contacted? Basically, how long would it take?

    -Should I tell my Admissions Rep that, worst case scenario, if everyone accepted admission, I would be more than happy to accept admission to the Prepatory school? Does it work like that, or would the not allow me to, being qualified for direct admission?

    Anything at all will help calm my nerves. Thank you for your time guys,

    SPC Jacob William Baker

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