The Long Winter Wait


Nov 6, 2015
Well, here we are at Christmas. DS's status has been CPR since September. Dodmerb qualified and nominations secured. Plan B is locked in. He's waiting, hoping, and praying for Plan A. Like the majority of candidates in similar status, we're settling in for a long winter wait. Yes, waiting is the hard part; but perhaps the attached pic will help. I saw this in a business article and it reminded me of the admissions process. Navigating through the "dark swamp of despair" is tough, but as the pic suggests, humor and persistence are the best tools to rely on. Hang in there, everyone, and best wishes of the Season.IMG_0358.JPG
DS is a NROTC scholarship re-applicant who was wait-listed by USNA last year. Learned that most everything comes down to the bitter end in March-April.

Make the most of your time with DS/DD being home. Because win/lose or draw, they'll be gone before you know it.
Hang in there!
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