The Longest Day


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Jun 9, 2006
On this day in 1944, the Allied Armys conducted the single largest amphibious beach landing on the shores of Normandy, France. They did this to relieve France and Europe of Nazi occupation and rule.

Along the way the troups discovered the concentration camps and began, as best they could, eliminating that nightmare. As the boys neared the shores, riding in landing boats, one cannot imagine the fear inside as the beach approached. Many didn't survive the second following the front gate dropping to allow them to exit the boat. Rapid gun fire from above the beaches killed many before they ever touched land.

How do we ever earn this moment, this sacrifice? We never fully do. We come closest when we remember and never allow it to be forgotten. That would be the saddest: a life lost and forgotten. An extended hand to say "thank you" to one with failing hands-hands that once were strong and today are not because of the years that have passed. An extended hand that says you and your "buddies", fallen and alive, are not forgotten.

June 6th, 1944-a moment in time that was and still is referred to as The Longest Day. All gave some and some gave all.