The Lost 300


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Nov 2, 2008
I saw that of the 4,000 or so candidates that have an official nomination, only about 1,800 are found completely qualified. Of these 1,800, only 1,500 are offered an appointment, and roughly 1,200 are ACTUALLY appointed. What does this mean? Those 300 decided they didn't want to go, academy withdrew those appointments... What would prevent these people from going?
The two most likely reasons are:

1. they decided to go to another university/academy, and
2. they were disqualified for bad grades, serious injury, arrest, etc.
They USMA was probably not their first choice. Alot of people apply to more than one Academy as a back-up. Also all appointments are conditional so they may not have met the conditions.
Actually about 1300 accept appointments and show up on R-day. In 2008 it was 1305.
It means that 1300 accept their appointment and actually show up on R-day. All appointments are conditional until the Oath is taken on R-day.

Can you post the link where you got your numbers?
Next question...

Of all the people given a nomination, which qualification area is most often the disqualifying one.

Academic, Physical, or Medical?
BLSnared, imho, this question cannot be answered...

You are thinking way too much...go out and run every time you start to ponder and worry! :biggrin:

If you have completed your applications and finished your nomination interviews, then all you have to do is keep your grades up, stay in shape, and enjoy your last semester in high school! :cool:

Best wishes!

Of all people given a nomination the top disqualifier is space.

Keep in mind, for every 10 nominated by each MOC only 1 makes.

That is why the appointments are low compared to nominations.

As far as actual disqualification, I would say medical. In order to get a nomination, you need to have good academics and physical but your MOC has no access to your medical records.