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    Im halfway through my second semester of junior year ( I just started a two week spring break!). Im 16 years old, and I strongly believe that no one can know what it is they want to do for a living when they are around my age. I also do not believe that a teenager can know for certain that they want to be in the military at age 16. That being said, here are the two very basic prerequisites for what I think I want from my college experience:
    1. A military atmosphere (either an Academy or a SMC)
    2. An institution with a strong Political Science/International Affairs program(s).

    Now, VMI and Norwich have been at the top of my list for college for sometime. I love the programs in IA and Political Science at both schools, and the military piece of both schools. (There are more individual things that I am interested in that are far too numerous to list here). West Point has been another school that I have been looking at. However, the one issue with the school has been the emphasis on math and science that I feel is placed there. I am not an outstanding math student or science student. I do well in math and science (As and Bs), but wont take math past Pre-Calc or Science past Chem by the time I graduate. The remaining parts of my schedule are filled with history, language and social science courses, and many are at the AP level.

    I know that USMA is very much heavy on math and science (for whatever reason- Im not sure why). I enjoy the classes I take and they challenge me to dig deeper in topics I love. But, I also might want to attend USMA, and I dont want to give up those classes for science and math ones. I dont think its right to take classes to gain get into a certain school. Are there kids at USMA who are not heavy into science an math? Should I still consider an Academy even though Im more focused on Liberal Arts?

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