The Ohio State University President is former USNA Superintendent VADM Ted Carter

I believe great leaders live for moments like this. I think it's the opportunity to lead through a crisis, to mobilize the organization, and to leave it in a better place than before is what motivates people like Adm. Carter. He was Supe when DD was on the Yard, so of course I researched his history of command. Wow!

But I think I know what you mean, @WT Door. A long career of solving problems in the military is top-level training, but solving problems amid the current strains of academia is another beast all together.
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He couldn't get out of Lincoln, NE soon enough.

Climbing the ladder.
Slapshot will check the protest right into the boards.
Will Columbia be his next stop? General Eisenhower was president of Columbia before becoming POTUS.
Columbia could use him. I seriously wonder how his military (not just leadership) background has benefitted him in the current campus chaos going on.
DD was a 3c. She and I were taking a first-time walk around Midway Museum in San Diego. I was having a ball; DD was making a good show of looking interested in a bunch of aircraft on static display. Up on the flight deck DD spied an F14. She squinted at the Call-Sign below the canopy for a second before saying: "Dad thats the Supe’s plane! Will you take a picture of me standing in front of it!" I remember thinking. he must be a pretty good Supe.