The Overland Expedition

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    "On this day in 1898, Lieutenants David Jarvis (CGA 1883) and Ellsworth P. Bertholf (CGA 1889) and Surgeon Dr. Samuel J. Call of the Revenue cutter Bear reached Point Barrow, Alaska, after a 2,000 mile "mush" from Nunivak Island that first started on 17 December 1897, driving reindeer as food for 97 starving whalers caught in the Arctic ice. This Overland Rescue was heralded by the press and at the request of President William McKinley, Congress issued special gold medals in their honor."

    - U.S. Coast Guard Academy Alumni Association Facebook post today

    I'm still amazed by this. After 114 years, I could not imagine undertaking this 2,000 "mush". I entered it into google directions "We could not calculate".... is what I got. Ha!

    There was a very short window for President William McKinley to request anything!
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