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    Will anyone explain to me how admission to USMMA works? I know that admissions opens around April in your Junior year, but how does applying for a nomination coincide with this? I am simply confused on the whole process.
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    Not sure I understand the question but here goes...

    To gain admissions to the US Merchant Marine Academy you must meet the basic criteria re: age, and physical condition listed in the catalogue. The place to start is on the Academy's website at:

    Then after that, you'll see you need to complete three items:

    1) You need a nomination from a Member of Congress (MOC) (US Representative and/or US Senator) from the State in which you reside. In general those MOC complete their interviews and begin their selection review process in late October of the fall of the year prior to your entry. For example, October 2012 will be when most MOC's determine who they will nominate for entry in the Class of 2017 in July 2013. Each MOC can nominate up to 10 Candidates for the incoming class. In other words up to 5,350 people can be nominated for each class, however that number is rarely approached. For the Class of 2015, 1631 nominations were issued; for the Class of 2014 - 1479; and for the Class of 2013 - 1345.

    2) You need to complete your application package and submit it to the USMMA Admissions office no later than March 1'st of the year you wish to enter, however since USMMA has a rolling admissions process and you can complete the application starting April 15th of your Junior year (the year before you wish to enter) it's recommended that you complete the application as early as possible in your senior year and then provide updates on your grades, etc. as your Senior Year progresses. For the Class of 2015, the Academy received 2076 Applications; for the Class of 2014 - 2006 and for the Class of 2013 - 1823 applications. Each application consist of four (4) items: a) Part I, b) Part II, c) Part III, and the Candidate Fitness Assessment (CFA). Of those 2076 Applications for the Class of 2015, 639 met the selection criteria.

    3) The third thing you need is to complete a DoDMERB Physical. This can take the longest since if issues are noted you need to have them cleared.

    All three of these items are completed independently - in other words the paperwork, etc. you need to fill out goes to three different places and then all of it comes together at USMMA Admissions and appointments for each Class are offered. For the Class of 2015 - 412 appointments were offered to fill the 285 slots that reported aboard in July of 2011. For the Class of 2014 - 467 appointments were offered resulting in the 342 reporting members of that class; and for the Class of 2013 - 450 appointments were offered resulting in 291 Plebe Candidates reporting aboard.

    Hope this helps, good luck in your quest for a spot at any of the Academies, it's a long and arduous process and all are very competitive.

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