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    If you ever have the chance to be a "SecondTimer" at the Academy, all I can say is that it is a LOT easier. For the parents at least.

    I don't know that our mid would say the same, but clearly it has helped to have a sibling who attended.

    We knew where to stand, what to expect, and how to maximize our time on the yard.

    It was till a long, hot, tiring day, that I would not trade with any of my civilian friends.

    ANd where else can you feel a little inadequate by those who have three or more mids in theirfamilies.

    Good luck to all. For almost everybody, it WILL get better. The transformation will be amazing. For the 20 - 30 of you for whom it will not work out over the summer, good luck too. In the end, it will also workout for the best.

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