The South Saved my Soul

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by bruno, May 21, 2016.

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    I don't think the South saved my soul - I credit the Lord for that- but this VMI Alum's piece about a veteran's journey home is a thoughtful read:

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    There's no place like it! :yay:
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    Thank Bruno,

    Printing it out to put on my wall at work..
  4. NavyHoops

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    Thanks for the read I enjoyed it. More than anything I am so happy this young man found himself and is still with us today. His willingness to share his story will definitely help another struggling vet.

    I am not a Southerner by birth but found my home in the South for many of the reasons stated. It took me time to find my way after I got out and I didn't even have the struggles of injuries like this young man did. Heck Pat Controy is my favorite author and I will miss his novels greatly.

    I work at a great company who hires a lot of vets. In my division we have about 20 vets of 100+ and 5 SA grads. The other day we had a BBQ and we of course all found one another for arguments over Army Navy. We all watch out for one another. It's so hard to find 'your people' after you get out. Where I live now I joined a Veterans hiking group. We always have an instant connection, help one another with job connections and just ask each other how we are all doing.

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