The strength of the Academy bond


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Feb 2, 2017
I recently attended the Navy v UCF game, buying tickets late online. When I picked them up the woman told me I'd be sitting with a group of Academy grads from some 50 years ago. Turns out my uncle was in that class. I go to my seat wearing a name tag from the tailgate I was at. One of the men sees it and asks if I'm related to Capt Jim. Yes, he's my uncle. They all remembered him which surprised my DW but I reminded her that their relationship did not end after 4 years but many continued for 20-25 years.

At the 1/2, my plebe comes to say hi. I can't get over how she was received by this group. Heck she was invited to their tailgate after the game. I could see something between them even though there was 50 years separating them. It made me warm inside to know that these are the bonds being forged.

The next day I sent some pictures to Uncle Jim who sounded very happy to hear the story and proud that after some 50 years another person from his family is a Midshipmen.

Go Navy! Beat Army!
There is actually an organized connection for classes 50 years apart. It is wonderful. It is called "Another link in the chain" It is a unique program that is there to form relationships and support the current midshipman. I am not sure of all the events that they have, but we sat with some of the link in the chain class for my DD's Herndon climb and they were quite enthused about helping "their" mids. One of them who lives near us actually had a BBQ at their house for my DD before I-day.

A verse from the "Laws of the Navy"

"Upon one link in the cable,
Dependeth the might of the chain.
Who knows when thou mayest be tested,
So live that thou bearest the strain."
The bond that spans decades is real. My father was class of ‘69. Served 22 years. He died three years ago and his classmates came from near and far to be with my mom and she laid him to rest. Now, my son is applying for the class of 2022 and these men, my dad’s brothers in almost every sense, are cheering for him every step of the way.
There isn't a single guy I can think of that I served closely with, that I wouldn't bail out of jail at 0200 on a Tuesday if I got a call.
I have only one civilian friend that dear to me.

Thankfully, all of them have managed to stay out of jail. So far. :biggrin: