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Jul 15, 2008
I'm a candidate for 2013 and I'll be visiting in the next few weeks. I know they have regularly scheduled tours and admissions briefings, but do I need to call ahead to make sure they know I'm coming???
When my son and I went, we didn't call ahead. The briefing was very informative. I am sure it wouldn't hurt to call and check the date you will be visiting. They are very friendly and helpful

Be sure you and your parent(s) go see the video at the Visitor's Center. Inspiring!
I second that. We didn't call when we took our son (now plebe) to visit. We just went. Be sure you know when those admissions briefings are--you really need to go to that!! We also paid to take the tour...although we had to bolt when it was time for the admissions briefing or we'd have been late/missed it.

Both--totally worth the trip. They sealed the deal for our son. He thought he might want to go to USNA. After the visit, it was the only place he wanted, and the only place he applied.

Go. Enjoy!
I agree the tour and the briefing were interesting and informative. The ladies at the tour ticket desk can also tell you the briefing times. We went on an afternoon tour and returned the next morning for the 1st briefing.
Admission Tour

Trying to plan for an upcoming visit. How long is the admission tour? I'm wondering if we go to the 11AM admission tour would we then be able to still see the noon meal formation?
In case anyone else was wondering...I called Admissions yesterday and asked if it was possible to see the noon meal formation after the 11AM info session. They responded that we should just mention upon arrival @ the admission session that we'd like to see it and they'd make sure that it was possible.