The Wait Is Over


Hi all,

I just wanted to write and wish everyone the best of luck in the DoDMERB process.

I was just deemed qualified for USMA and USNA after sending in information relating to two remedials I had.

I really wasn’t too confident that I’d be qualified, but this is a huge relief to me.

Good luck to everyone!


That's awesome! I'm hoping I'll be competitive enough to be considered for a waiver for USNA and USAFA. Congrats and good luck in the rest of the admissions process!


Must be nice. My son's first academy app has been almost 100% complete for six weeks and still waiting on the DODMERB appt email/instructions. He followed up with Admissions after about 3-4 weeks and after that took some time for being passed around a bit he is now supposed to get his email to kick off the process this week. He will definitely be DQ and hopefully a waiver so was sure hoping this would get an early start. It must be a huge relief - congrats.