The waiting game begins...torture


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Oct 6, 2008

My daughter's application is complete. The only two things now that are in her control, and will make any difference in this process, are 1) She is going to retake the SAT. 2) She will hopefully have one congressional interview. She applied for all three, but two of them (one Senator and one Rep.) don't interview but hand over ten unranked nominations for every open slot. The waiting is awful and I can't imagine making it to the end empty handed. Arg! That is a quick way to deflate a young person who has worked so hard for something. I know this must sound like I am complaining, trust me I am not. Just anxious due the long process. She is looking into other options. It is good to know that we are not waiting alone and I find comfort in reading these posts. Thanks for being on this journey with us, especially to those USNA graduates and BGO officers that post here! We would be almost blind without your wisdom and insight.
I understand completely. Son is waiting as well. Everyday upon returning home, he asks--any mail for me? He checks the caller id and then goes to his room, checks his status online. It is painful to watch. However, football season just ended and baseball winter training begins......hope that keeps him occupied.
Also good to continue to pursue her plan 'B' for other schools (i.e. visits, contacts, etc.), since you never know how the process will eventually turn out. Other schools also have application deadlines so you want to keep pursuing all of those options and not have all of your 'eggs in one basket'.
She is...Thank you

She has applied for an NROTC scholarship and has applies to several colleges (Texas A&M, UTexas, Virginia Tech, and OU). She also applied to University of Hawaii (we are currently stationed at Pearl Harbor) and already heard back. She was accepted at UH and they offered her a $4000 scholarship. We are hoping for her first choise (USNA).
Popeyes Mom...

Wow, I wish you and your son the best. I hope that baseball does keep him busy. And, I hope that you get good news soon. :thumb:
I too am waiting for a reply. I have been awarded a foundation scholarship from the Naval Academy Foundation which is an alternative route, which is my backup plan if I do not recieve a direct appointment. But I can relate to what your sons and daughters are going through. Best of luck to you and your sons and daughters.