the west point experience


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Mar 14, 2008
I want to find out more about the inside life at west point
Bogdan, Absolutley American is a good recommendation for a book about West Point. I can recommend two other books:

Battle Dress by Amy Efaw
Duty First by Ed Ruggero

You should be able to find all three of these books in your public library. Just remember that they are somewhat dated. West Point is continually improving the cadet experience.

Do not ignore the Amy Efaw book because it is gender specific and in the juvenile section of your library. It is an excellent, quick read. I think it is very important for any cadet to understand the female viewpoint of the West Point experience.

Have you visited? The overnight and the day visits are both very informative. On either type tour you get to spend one on one time with a cadet and see a typical cadet day.

You can contact individual cadets by email though this link:

The video series: "Inside America's Service Academies" is excellent and is sometimes shown on the Military Channel. You can purchase it here: or with a membership (free for 30 days) you can watch it here:

The National Geographic video series "Surviving West Point" is a little dated but is worth watching. You may be able to find it at your local video store or public library. We ordered it from an online video rental store. You can purchase it from or

My son would tell you that the best way to get ready for West Point is to run (and run some more) and get used to taking things one day at a time. :wink:

I admire you for wanting to learn all you can about the West Point experience. I hope you will one day share your own experience here with future candidates.

Best of luck to you!
Thanks for all the information.I apreciate the attention you pay for everyone who writes on this forum