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Nov 18, 2007
well, i got my thin rejection letter today from USNA. to be perfectly honest, the only reason i have wanted the offer was pure selfishness. for a couple of months now, my first choice has been USAFA, and i even sent in my acceptance form before i heard from USNA, so the only reason i wanted it was to say i got the offer. but now when i think about it, i am happy that the guy who really wanted my spot got it before having to wait for my response, especially because i know what kind if wretching feeling is upon you when you wait for such things, so i am happy that i was able to be of some service :). like i said, USAFA was my first choice without any reservation, and though it would have been cool to have offers from both academies, i am happy things worked out for the better for the other guy :thumb:

on a side note, i checked my online USNA status, and they never got my 690 math 670 reading SAT scores! they still had 650 reading 630 math in their database! but it makes no difference, it all worked out for the best :)
flyboy, you are allowed only one little pang of regret for getting a thin letter from USNA. I say it it is their loss - you have a wonderful future ahead of you. No looking back!
no sir, no looking back at all! i am really excited for USAFA, i wish i could do all that i needed to do in preparation today and leave tomorrow!!! but i know that I-day will come soon enough...
lol, i'm not gonna lie, i didn't put two and two together. sorry about that antoinette!!
Don't worry about little ole me, just pay proper attention to the ladies of your own age and I mean it, keep up with the shin splints for you at the AFA!
When I was there for Summer Seminar, they got awfully grumpy about that:rolleyes:, just think how much more so during Basic:biggrin:
they got grumpy about getting shin splints? in fact, now that running has come up, i need a good fitness program, can anyone assist?
I think the upperclassmen at summer training will get grumpy if you say "Yes, Sir!" to a female upperclassman or "Yes, Ma'am!" to a male upperclassman. But then, they will probably not like much of what you do or say the first few days after I-Day...:wink:

The AFA will probably send you a fitness schedule in your appointment package which should come one-two weeks after you send in your acceptance.
lol, thats probably true, and i can't wait until that time has come!!! but about that fitness program....anyone have suggestions? what did you do hornetguy?