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    What are some of the common things I should prepare for my parents to send me after BCT?

    Thank you
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    Again, very, very squadron dependent!
    There is plenty of time to get things together after A day, and really there is so much going on that even during/after Parents Weekend is not going to be a problem getting certain things.
    Trust me, you will be drinking out of a fire hose for some time, there is a reason simple, uncluttered is better at first.
    With a little bit of time, confidence and will know what you are allowed to have, what you can have and what you NEED!
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    The problem with a list of things for after A-day is that each of the 40 squadrons set their own rules on what C4Cs are allowed to have and use. I would suggest having an amazon prime account as it includes free shipping on many items as a prime member. I have used it to send my son food and other items during the year. It also enables you to start a wish list. By parents weekend, you should have a good idea on what your squadron allows. If your parents wish to send you a congratulations package after A-day, some of your favorite snacks/sweets are great as long as they don't require refrigeration or a microwave.
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    Many local stores are swamped with C4Cs and their parents during parents' weekend -- buying all sorts of things that are deemed "allowed by the squadron." Most, if not all squadrons, will allow you to buy a large monitor and printer for your computer (highly recommend this!)

    For the printer - I suggest coordinating with your roommate so that you don't both show up with one.

    I also agree with MombaBomba. Get that Amazon Prime account. It's been a godsend during the past year.
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    A few weeks before acceptance day, I started including things I wanted from home in my letters home. My dad was able to come out for that and was able to bring some stuff, but it also would've worked with any packages. That way you have a better idea of what you can/cannot have and need from home.

    For anything else that needs to be purchased, I agree that Amazon is a great way to get stuff delivered to you quickly.
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    Yep, a printer and appropriately sized external monitor are popular.
    Most things can wait. You don't really need much as a 4dig, and storage space is somewhat limited anyway.

    Athletic/musical equipment would be another good "ship after BCT" thing.
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    in some situations, it is better to have parents mail you some items you may need (after Basic) that aren't very large and bulky, like a snowboard, and/or bring items to parents weekend.
    I have had some of my cadet parents angry that th
    eir children are not receiving some of the boxes that was sent to them. To alleviate the stress from parents worrying that their children were not get the boxes they are sending to them, whether they have items that a cadet may need or cookies in the packages, sometimes it is better to send it to their sponsor parent's home. Also make sure that the parents do insure the box and track it online, unless its something like cookies and goodies.

    I have also had many of my cadets that have ordered something online for themselves, & the majority of the time, they send it directly to my address.
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