This Day in Coast Guard History – April 12

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    A few tidbits of USCG trivia for those so inclined- (this is from which is an online publication of "Marine News" a trade journal for the maritime & shipbuilding industries). I assume that LITS is getting more than $.20 in subsistence- but it probably doesn't seem like much more living in DC:rolleyes:

    1808- Subsistence for Army officers fixed at 20 cents per ration, later that year applied to all officers of the revenue cutters.
    1843- Captain Alexander V. Fraser, Revenue Cutter Service, appointed Chief of newly-created Revenue Marine Bureau of Treasury (he was, in effect, the service's first "Commandant").
    1861-The Revenue cutter Harriet Lane fired the first shot from a naval vessel in the Civil War. The cutter fired across the bow of the merchant vessel Nashville when the latter attempted to enter Charleston Harbor without displaying the national flag.
    1900- An Act of Congress (31 Stat. L., 77, 80) extended the jurisdiction of the Lighthouse Service to the noncontiguous territory, of Puerto Rico and adjacent American waters.
    1902- Congress authorized the retirement of officers at 3/4 pay for incapacity. Congress also made all promotions subject to examinations (mental and physical). Additionally, commissioned officers of the Revenue Cutter Service were granted the same pay and allowances "except forage" as officers of corresponding rank in the Army, including longevity pay.
    1979- LTJG Beverly Kelley assumed command of the CGC Cape Newagen, thereby becoming the first woman to command a U.S. warship.
    (Source: USCG Historian’s Office)
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    Ah.... $ 0.20.....nice! I travel into the city, wouldn't want to pay in DC, and I certainly like to avoid driving downtown.

    If anyone else would like to see what has happened every day....

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