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    I hate running, love rowing, love CC skiing, Love (i admit it) roller blade-ing for road work. I like a little more speed and balance, more glide, over the constant battle with myself to take the next running stride.

    DD is "same-same" and was wondering aloud if roller blades would make her road work more enjoyable. I have looked around a bit but I can't find a USNA rule on point------but then I am lazy and stupid, just ask may wife.

    I assume skate boards are excluded from campus, but is the exclusion specific to skate boards or is it more generally worded to include things like roller blades? Is there a specific exclusion of roller blades?


    Just Dad

    the dog proofed this one too----two?---to?
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    The Mids are not allowed to use skate boards, roller blades, or bicycles on the Yard. Off campus they can use them as upper class. I doubt seriously Plebes are allowed at all, ever, for any reason. But then again Plebes are allowed to have anything that resembles fun at all, ever, for any reason. She'll soon learn to love running! It will be her only source of enjoyment. :)
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    Sixty-plus pages of How To Minimize Fun, otherwise known as MidRegs:

    And, roller-blading on the bumpy, hilly brick sidewalks of Annapolis, or taking life in hands on the narrow twisty streets - Santa Monica boardwalk it ain’t. Safety reasons - not on the Yard.

    Solo runs during a free period or before study hour - doing an “Inner” or an “Outer” - clears the mind, reduces stress, gives a body some alone time, keeps the body tuned for the PRT.

    Funny thing - many of our former sponsor mids return years later for reunions. Almost all of them get up early, sometimes meet classmates/roommates/companymates/teammates and go for a dawn Outer, and then go for breakfast at a favorite old haunt such as Chick and Ruth’s or Grump’s. I ran them too when I was a BattO, same reasons. Now, I still take the dogs for long walks on the Outer.
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    Probably won't be seeing a return of the mini-hand trucks / pull carts anytime in the near future either :)
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    :) -- I love that line.
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