Thomas Hudner


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Sep 22, 2015
I told my kids long before “Don’t ask don’t tell” most of us did not give a rats feces if you were gay or straight. Black or white. You may not like some things about the person next to you but more important was the type of airman, seaman, soldier or Marine that they were. As my 1SG told the company when he took over- he hated them all the equally. I won’t quote him exactly due to the language.
So a toast today to Thomas Hudner and Jesse L. Brown.

BTW, one of my USNA brothers served on the Jesse L Brown. What a great name for a ship.
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Here, here.
Both of those guys were outstanding pilots.
I read a story about 4 years ago about Hudner going to North Korea to try to get Brown's remains returned to the U.S.
What a great story of brotherhood and courage. Thanks for sharing.