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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by army2021, Aug 17, 2016.

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    I was wondering what notable differences you've seen in the different applications? Did one branch take longer than another? Differences or similar essays? Major distinguishes between the processes? Other thoughts? And not talking about different PT test or like Navy ranks major and Army doesn't, just personal application experiences and how everyone's process is going.Thanks
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    AFROTC did not require any essays, while NROTC and AROTC did.
    One difference
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    My info is a year old at this point. I applied for NRTOC (NO) and AFROTC.
    In general, the NROTC application was a lot more wholistic which I appreciated, however the interview was really not great. The interviewer (at least for me) was just some random Lt. who straight up said he didn't think the interview was important, and just asked me the list of questions and recorded my answers to send on up...totally a middle man more than an interviewer IMO.
    The AFROTC app was very basic, just straight up numbers, no essay or short answer questions. The interview is with the nearest Detachment Commander however, which is fantastic, because he really cared and the interview was much more an excellent adult conversation. Ultimately, I received neither scholarship though, so take this FWIW.

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